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Chain drive CDs/...-300N/EV1/RWA

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01.01.01 Chain drives
________________________________________________________________________________ SHE_Ventilation_24V_300N
________________________________________________________________________________ Chain drive CDs SHE

Chain drive CDs SHE
24 V DC chain drive for SHE and controlled natural ventilation.

Easy fitting by click mounting with slim brackets both for frame and sash
Connector on both sides for easy interconnection of several drives.
Simple basic configuration of the actuator without PC tools:
Adjusting the chain stroke
Synchronization of up to 4 chain drives and up to 2 locking drives
Resetting the zero position (closed position)
Extended configuration with PC software and USB converter/2.
Power supply: 24 V DC
Opening width 21-800 mm, adjustable.
Push force 300 N (depending on the stroke length), Pull force 300 N,
separately adjustable.
Speed separately adjustable in OPEN and CLOSE direction
Feedback signal OPEN or CLOSE can be selected, potential-free contact
Seal Relief Adjustment between 0-20mm to protect sash at closed position
Automatic reverse on overload in direction CLOSE
Opening mechanism with stainless steel chain.
External components resistant to corrosion.
CE-compliant in accordance with EMC Directive 2004/108/EC and the low voltage

Made in Germany in accordance with ISO 9001.

Technical datas:
Operating voltage supply: 24V (-15%/+25%)
Nominal current: approx. 1 A
Current consumption in tripping: approx. 2.2 A
Speed of operation: adjustable 4 - 10 mm/s
Stroke length: adjustable 21 - 800 mm
Tractive force: nominal operating 300 N
Pressing force: 300 N (depending on the chain opening)

CDs/200: 510 x 38 x 26 mm (L x H x T)
CDs/400: 610 x 38 x 26 mm (L x H x T)
CDs/600: 710 x 38 x 26 mm (L x H x T)
CDs/800: 810 x 38 x 26 mm (L x H x T)

Ambient temperature: -10 °C to + 60°C
IP protection system: IP 20
Class of protection: III
Servive life: > 10.000 Load cycles at nominal load

(For further technical information and useful tips, please refer to the
operating instructions)
Note: Power cable and mounting kits must be ordered separately.

*¹ Stroke length in mm [200][400][600][800]

CDs/*¹-XXXN/ SHE, manufacturer Kingspan STG

Delivery incl. drilling template for casement and frame

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32657 Lemgo

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STG-BEIKIRCH GmbH & Co. KG is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of ventilation and natural smoke and heat extraction products and system solutions for industrial, commercial and administrative buildings.

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