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LiSE lift shaft smoke extraction system

Article No.: 100100


LiSE lift shaft smoke extraction system

LiSE 24 VDC lift shaft smoke extraction system for smoke detection and smoke
extraction within lift shafts and for sealing off permanent openings.
Specially adapted in line with the requirements specified in the Energy
Saving Regulations (EnEV) for sealing off building openings. Reduced standby
operation due to lack of aspirating smoke detection systems.

Consisting of a smoke and heat extraction control system TRZ VdS for
electromotive smoke and heat extraction as well as for manual and automatic
ventilation. Stabilised output voltage with ripple component < 1% for a rated
current of up to 2 A for supplying one drive group.

Smoke detection via point smoke detectors type MSD 523-E in accordance
with DIN EN 54 Part 7 and VdS 2504 with adjustment in line with the air
conditions inside lift shafts.

The skylight dome or louvre device is controlled by 24 VDC drives with VdS
functions in accordance with VdS 2580 in one SHE and one ventilation group.
Connection options for 10 SHE manual call points type RBH/3A/VdS with
proof of functionality in accordance with VdS 2592, 10 automatic detectors
type MSD 523-E and 10 vent switches. Automatic control options using
room thermostats, air humidity sensors or air quality sensors for ventilation
during operation or maintenance work.

Integrated forwarding of SHE activation and centralised fault messages for
connection to the lift shaft control system. 230 V AC power supply and
emergency power supplied by maintenance-free 12 V emergency batteries
for 72 hours of operational readiness in the event of a power failure.
Optical signalling of operational readiness, activation and faults.
Maintenance-friendly fault monitoring with error flashing code
and forwarding to SHE manual call points.

TRZ controller VdS-approved for use as a smoke extraction control system
in accordance with VdS 2581 and VdS 2593.

Made in Germany in accordance with ISO 9001.

Includes flame-proof ABS surface-mounted plastic housing with lockable
door in orange. System testing and proof of functionality for use as a
system for sealing off the smoke extraction vents for lift shafts in
accordance with an assessment by TÜV NORD. Opinion STET-FR-2008-10
(8105019260) taking account of VDE 0833-2 for alarm systems,
DIN EN 54-7 for point detectors, MLAR 2005, the DIBt opinion
on § 5 of EnEV 2007 as well as local building regulations.

TÜV NORD verification STET-FR-2008-10 is only valid if the following
system components are used.

Connection options for:

- 24 VDC drives with own power cut-off or limit switches up to 2 A
current consumption
- 10 SHE manual call points RBH/3A.
- 10 automatic detectors in 2-wire design MSD 523-E
- 10 external vent switches Open/Stop/Closed (with/without Open display)
- 1 wind/rain sensor (WRM/2 24 V) or 1 rain sensor (RM/224 V)
- potential-free forwarding of SHE activated and fault messages (break contact)

Technikal data:

Operating voltage: 230 VAC/50 Hz (+ 10%)
System voltage: 24 VDC (rated) (- 15%/+ 25%), smoothed
Emergency batteries: 2 x 12 V/1.2 Ah with fault monitoring
Drive voltage: 24 VDC (rated) (- 15%/+ 25%)
Max. current output: 2 A (rated) with 30% duty ratio (at 10 mins)
Dimensions (h x w x d): 220 x 146 x 83 mm
Type-tested: DIN EN 61010-1 with TÜV registration no. 44 780 09 375661
VdS approval: G 501004 in accordance with VdS 2581, 2344 and 2593
Proof of suitability: TÜV NORD opinion STET-FR-2008-10 (8105019260)

TÜV NORD verification STET-FR-2008-10 is only valid if the following
system components are used.

1 x SHE control system TRZ VdS
__ x point scattered-light smoke detector, type MSD 523-E
__ x mounting bracket for mounting smoke detectors onthe wall
__ x SHE manual call point, type RBH/3A/VdS orange
__ x vent switch
__ x room thermostat or air humidity sensor
__ x air quality sensors for measuring the CO2 content, for example
__ x LiSE skylight dome with base, type Classic LK 60/60 or 80/80
__ x 24 VDC SHE chain drive, type LM/300-200N, EM 327-300N or FM/401-450N
__ x skylight dome mounting sets for fixing the chains drives to the base
__ x louvre device 500 x 500, 950 x 950 or 1250 x 1250 with SHE linear drive, type M8
__ x optional smoke detector, type ORS 142/MS for connecting to the lift control system

LiSE lift shaft smoke extraction system, manufacturer Kingspan STG


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STG-BEIKIRCH GmbH & Co. KG is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of ventilation and natural smoke and heat extraction products and system solutions for industrial, commercial and administrative buildings.

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