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Non-contact trap protection system WPS2

Article No.: 13362005230


Non-contact trap protection system, WPS and WPS2

Non-contact trap protection system for automatically operated (power-operated) windows for controlling 24 V DC window drives in one or more drive groups (motor circuits), for integration in planned or existing motor supply cables with rated currents of up to 8 A.

WPS2 are specially designed for 24 V DC ventilation systems and are not tied to any particular drive or control system manufacturer.
The monitoring of the hazard area includes the main and secondary closing edges as well as scissor systems within the window, resulting in the achievement of protection class 4 based on a risk assessment. The wide range of sensors enables monitoring of almost all window types and is therefore also suitable for louvre systems or parallel vent windows.

Trapping hazards are identified in advance and the window is stopped from closing. The window is then opened to guarantee maximum safety. Once the hazard has gone, the window will close again automatically. The opening and closing times stored in the WPS prevent uncontrolled opening when the monitoring area is entered while the window is closed. [The control system identifies ventilation or SHE operation for a desired higher-level closing command after SHE activation]. Maintenance-friendly fault monitoring by means of integrated fault displays.

Configuration is carried out via the Service Port interface using Kingspan STG Service Port PC software.
Made in Germany in accordance with ISO 9001.

Non-contact trap protection system, WPS2, manufacturer Kingspan STG


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