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Upstream power supply unit VNT 8 A/2

Article No.: 13380000020

Upstream power supply unit VNT 8 A/2

Power supply unit and upstream power supply unit up to max.
10 A at 30% ED. The polarity of the output voltage is
dependent on the 230 VAC operating voltage supplied to
the inputs Open and Closed.
With displays for operating states and fault messages
via multi-coloured LED Serial connection of
several mains power supply units operated via one
or more vent switches.

nominal data:
- Operating voltage: 230 VAC rated (- 10%/+ 10%)
- Output voltage: 27.5 V rated
- Output current: 10 A at 30% ED; 4A at 100% ED
- Ripple: 0.3 Vss
- Start-up time: 30% ED (10 min)
- Ambient temperature range: 0 °C to 50 °C
- Degree of protection: IP 66 (housing)
- Dimensions (B x H x T): 175 x 250 x 75 mm, without fittings
- Housing: polycarbonate, grey, housing transparent

Type: VNT 8 A/2, Manufacturer: STG-Beikirch


STG-Beikirch Industrieelektronik +
Sicherheitstechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Trifte 89
32657 Lemgo

Telephone: 0 52 61 / 96 58-0


STG-BEIKIRCH GmbH & Co. KG is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of ventilation and natural smoke and heat extraction products and system solutions for industrial, commercial and administrative buildings.

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